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Short Stories

Voici pour le plaisir de le lire, une histoire publiée dans le journal Areopagus ("Money can't buy everything").


Here is a short story I've recently published "Money can't buy everything".





          Writing is part of me. I regret I didn't realize this earlier. A story about smugglers in Somerset became my first publication - in my school's magazine! As a teenager I enjoyed travel writing on Continental trips. School days ended and I spent long months, languishing amid musty files, writing formal letters and memos in a Government Ministry in central London, Then on to Art College and papers and exams, surprisingly difficult at first after my unintentional gap year. 


          While raising a family, there was little time for writing, apart from occasional letters, diary entries, and testimonies of God's working in my life. In mid-life, while reading a magazine article on writing autobiography, I was inspired to write about my early life to age twelve. This primed the pump. I then came across a Christian writers' magazine, Areopagus, and started submitting articles. After a while I produced work that pleased the editor, even at times made him laugh! Areopagus has been a great training ground for different genres of writing. Now a novel I wrote in English, about a Christian musician, has been published in French as Simon, quand la musique adoucit les cœurs.

My writing life... so far

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